English and French for children in the Kindergarten age group.

Foreign languages - taught to young children.We teach by playing with the children.

It is commonplace that English and French are the leading languages in the world as well as in the growing union of the European states. We make, therefore, use of the results of the modern brain research which reveal that children from two years on are able to learn perfectly the correct pronunciation und the grammatical structures of foreign languages.   




We teach English and French to children ranging in age from 3 to 6, diversifying our methods which are adjusted to the children’s understanding, e.g. working on the pronunciation of single words and complete sentences for five minutes, then changing to singing or even dancing... The results are amazing. After short training the children are able to name animals and things and to count from one to ten in the foreign language.


The method works without stress or compulsion.

At the end of the first year the child understands about 500 words..He/she can form sentences unaided, sing songs and play games in English or French, which proves that this age group is best suited to learning foreign languages.

Our intensive courses lay the base for the way to the Gymnasium. We offer encouragement courses as well.